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To Report Write or Not Over the Holidays?

Should We Work Over Holiday Breaks? This topic can bring up a lot of questions about our own balance and harmony, or whether using holiday breaks is a good time to accomplish important tasks such as report writing. Just like everything in our field, there is never a...

5 Tips for Private School Evaluations

Private School Evaluations School psychologists are asked to evaluate students for special education who attend private schools, and this situation can require different approaches than the typical evaluations we conduct through the public school system. Since we are...

School Psych Week Giveaway

National School Psychology Week During the week of November 7th -11th 2022, school psychologists throughout the United States celebrated National School Psychology Week to highlight the important work school psychologists do to help all students thrive. As we reflect...

Do You Need Better Boundaries?

Working Outside Your Regular Hours Setting boundaries can be difficult to follow as a school psych, especially when our workloads are high and we want to help children. Are you one of the many psychs that take work home with them? Are you spending evenings and...

3 Tips When Evaluating Emotional Disturbance

Tip #1: Understanding Internalizing Behaviors It’s a fact that school psychologists are seeing a steady climb in the number of students with anxiety and depression. Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with a teacher about a student and when the topic of...

5 Tips When Evaluating Non-Traditional Students

Assessing Nontraditional Students Who are nontraditional students? Nontraditional students might include those who are attending an at-home school program, an independent study program, or something similar. Since these students are not attending an actual school site...

3 Tips When Evaluating Autism

Tip #1:  Understand Your State’s Critera for Autism When school psychs are evaluating students and Autism is being considered, one tip to keep in mind is understanding your state’s eligibility criteria, regulations, or any additional requirements your state has....

Explaining Evaluation Results Succinctly

Psych Jargon As school psychs, we learn a lot of high-level vocabulary such as fluid reasoning, atypicality, crystallized intelligence, and psychosomatic; let’s face it, the list goes on and on! Have you ever been in an IEP meeting, and the parent asks you to explain...

Does This Student Require Special Education?

Benefiting From Special Education vs. Requiring Special Education You have just finished assessing a student and have found that he or she meets the eligibility criteria! Great news, right? Regardless of which eligibility category the IEP team is considering, one...

Dyslexia in the School Setting

Dyslexia or Lack of Appropriate Instruction? Working as a school psychologist in the middle of a pandemic created many challenges in our practice. For instance, when concerns about a student’s ability to read are brought to our attention, nowadays we begin to question...

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Recently I realized that about 85% of my stress was directly related to “time”. The time management course provided by Ponzuric Learning Solutions is a game-changer. I have a much better understanding of how my brain works, amazing techniques to capitalize on my strengths, and much better organization and planning strategies. Jenny’s patience and ability to facilitate the learning in a meaningful and valuable way kept me engaged, wanting to stick with it, and put these practices in place. My stress level is so much better! Incredibly grateful.

    Kelly M.

    leadership course & trainer

    Jenny’s online course on PSW & Dyslexia was just the right balance of background information and practical application. The resources and information provided have allowed me to feel more confident in my ability to design a comprehensive, and legally-defensible, dyslexia assessment using the PSW model.

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