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Are you looking to improve your practices and make a real difference in the lives of students? Do you want to connect with like-minded colleagues and professionals? Summer boot Camp was designed to meet those needs! Join us this summer and take your career to the next level!

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Elevate your Preschool Assessment Strategies!

Master the art of cognitive evaluations for young learners, ensuring accurate & insightful assessments with our new Preschool Bundle!

Level Up Your Communication Skills: 2 Practical Tips for Sharing Scores Succinctly

Today, I'm excited to offer some tips on effectively communicating evaluation results to parents. Whether you have remaining meetings this school year or are planning ahead for the next, these strategies can help streamline your approach. Streamlining Verbal...

Executive Functioning Takeaways for School Psychs

Executive functioning is a topic close to my heart, and I’m excited to share insights gleaned from fellow school psychologists in the field. If you didn’t get to see my recent chat with Dr. Amy Merenda on the socials, check out some takeaways below. If you want to...

Teamwork Tips Every School Psych Needs

Today, I'm excited to discuss an important topic for school psychologists: teamwork. Join me as I share valuable insights to enhance your team dynamics. Let's get started! Self-Reflect on Team Dynamics As school psychologists, understanding the dynamics of our teams...

Summer Boot Camp 2024 Registration is Now Open!

Today is the day!  Registration for Summer Boot Camp 2024 is now open.  Click the button at the bottom of this blog post to register today. Dive into Essential Topics Are you curious to learn more about Summer Boot Camp? If you click the button below, you can have...

Summer Boot Camp 2024 Sneak Peak

I'm thrilled to unveil an announcement many of you have eagerly awaited: the dates for Summer Boot Camp 2024! Get ready for an immersive two weeks of professional development designed to equip you for the challenges ahead. Comprehensive Professional Development Summer...

Understanding Cognitive Score Decline: Key Considerations and Solutions

Today, I'm delving into a common concern many of school psychs encounter: cognitive score declines during student reevaluations. It's a topic close to my heart because, like many of you, I've faced this challenge firsthand. When confronted with declining scores, it's...

Mastering Executive Functioning: Insights for School Psychologists

In our ongoing quest to support our students' development, one area that warrants our attention is executive functioning skills. These skills, often the unsung heroes of academic success, play a pivotal role in helping students plan, organize, and navigate their...

Understanding Tier 1 Intervention Strategies and Behavior Support

As school psychologists, we play a pivotal role in supporting students and teachers in creating positive learning environments. Classroom management is a cornerstone of effective teaching and learning, and understanding how to navigate it is essential for school...

Understanding Executive Functioning: Key Moments for Evaluation

As school psychologists, we are always seeking to identify and address challenges that may impact student academic success and social-emotional well-being. One area that warrants our attention is executive functioning skills – the cognitive processes that help...

Supporting Students with School Attendance Issues

School psychologists play an important role in supporting students with school attendance issues, and it's essential to be proactive and strategic in our approach. In this blog post, let’s explore three key takeaways to guide your efforts in coordinating support for...

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Over the years, I’ve accumulated a large collection of resources that I’ve found extremely valuable. I’ve compiled a list to share with school psychologists and special education leaders.

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Recently I realized that about 85% of my stress was directly related to “time”. The time management course provided by Ponzuric Learning Solutions is a game-changer. I have a much better understanding of how my brain works, amazing techniques to capitalize on my strengths, and much better organization and planning strategies. Jenny’s patience and ability to facilitate the learning in a meaningful and valuable way kept me engaged, wanting to stick with it, and put these practices in place. My stress level is so much better! Incredibly grateful.

    Kelly M.

    leadership course & trainer

    Jenny’s online course on PSW & Dyslexia was just the right balance of background information and practical application. The resources and information provided have allowed me to feel more confident in my ability to design a comprehensive, and legally-defensible, dyslexia assessment using the PSW model.

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      Meet Jenny Ponzuric


      I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist bringing my background in school psychology, university teaching, and training of special education team members to my business.

      Combining my education, experience, and dedication to students struggling in school, I consult, coach, and train educators who support them.

      Working in the field of school psychology for over 20 years, I expanded my knowledge and expertise in assessment by obtaining my post-graduate certificate in School Neuropsychology.

      Building on individual school site trainings, I also provide district-level and SELPA-level trainings on topics such as the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Model for identification of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), as well as, Multi-Tier System of Supports/Response to Instruction and Intervention (MTSS/RtI²).

      My expertise in learning and training expanded as an administrator in a county-wide teacher support services program that assisted special education teachers in clearing their credentials and obtaining added authorizations. Working collaboratively with a team, I wrote curriculum and trained teachers in areas such as behavior, literacy strategies, and a wide range of IDEA areas of eligibility.

      I have taught at numerous colleges and universities in Southern CA, including Pepperdine University, CSU Northridge, and Moorpark College; most recently, I was an adjunct professor in Phillip’s Graduate University’s School Psychology graduate program.

      As a Master IEP CoachⓇ, I have completed training that allows me to combine my professional background with specialized information, aiding school staff in navigating the IEP process. My journey in the real of IEPs has seen me in various roles, from school psychologist to facilitator and even as a consultant prior to meetings.

      My driving force is an immense commitment to supporting students in navigating school challenges. I pair this dedication with a fervent belief in the importance of efficient systems for school-based teams involved in the IEP process.

      My mission is clear: to ensure school teams feel prepared and empowered for their meetings. I strive to streamline their processes, optimize their time and resources leading up to each session, and articulate student insights in a manner that resonates with families. After all, our collective goal is singular: crafting supports that truly cater to each student's unique needs, which sometimes requires some creativity and innovation.

      I began working full-time in my business in January 2016 to follow my passion for assisting struggling students and impacting the systems by providing professional development and consultation services to school districts.

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