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Find ongoing support, education, and resources in our ongoing memberships!

  • What if… you were able to get the help, support, and knowledge to utilize the PSW Model with fidelity and confidence?
  • What if… you were able to keep up to date with software updates and tips?
  • What if… you could get your PSW-related questions answered?

Well… you can!

During my in-person trainings, school psychologists often state that everything makes sense… when I am standing there.

But, then I leave and someone forgets a step. I leave and someone has a question that they didn’t think of when I was there.

Some school psychologists wonder when I might be back for a follow-up training.

I have been training on the PSW model for about as long as I have been using the model myself. When I was first learning PSW, I had a million questions. How do you do this? When do you do that? Am I doing this correctly?

I struggled when new versions of software programs came out. I remember watching videos on my iPad while using the software program on my computer. I would listen to the video, try it on my own, and then rewatch the video to make sure I was doing it right.

During initial and follow-up trainings, I realized that there were questions that were asked again and again. I had those same questions. How did I solve this problem? I dove in 100% into PSW. I took the certification programs. I read the books. I watched the videos.

The best way to know you understand something is to teach it to someone else. I have done that. Over and over again. What have I learned? The how of the steps and the programs is important. But, the real learning lies in the “why”.


PSW Monthly helps to answer the “why”.

what is PSW Monthly?

PSW Monthly is a monthly offering of content, case studies, and Q&A all about PSW. Whether you are utilizing the DD/C or Dehn’s PSW model, this information will be helpful for you.

Every month, you will receive:

video content

monthly from me about a variety of common questions and topics surrounding PSW including non-cohesive and non-unitary scores, report writing, and assessing EL student.

step-by-step walkthrough

with a different case study each month, highlighting common software questions and clinical judgment. Join this walkthrough live and ask questions. All case study walkthroughs will be recorded for you to access anytime.

office hours

access to me each month for you to ask me your questions about PSW and SLD. As long as you keep confidentiality in mind, I am happy to respond to your questions.

why should I join PSW Monthly?

PSW Monthly is a monthly offering of content, case studies, and Q&A all about PSW. Whether you are utilizing the DD/C or Dehn’s PSW model, this information will be helpful for you.


Monthly access to a variety of content topics


Access to all previous content modules -- just pick the topic that applies to your case NOW


The monthly walkthroughs of case studies allows you to hear my "why" just as much as the "how"


The content is built on your needs - frequent input is requested to ensure that upcoming topics answer your questions


Your questions get answered. Join me during monthly office hours to submit a question anytime!

Our content topics include:

not everyone meets eligibility under SLD

What are some reasons a student might not be eligible under SLD? Check out the case study walkthrough explaining to a parent their student was NOT eligible.

working with EL students

How do I use the Culture-Language Interpretive Matrix (C-LIM)? What are some tips if I use the C-LIM through the XBASS? What if I don’t have the XBASS?

report writing

What are some report writing tips? Check out the templates and report examples tool.

and much, much more!

I work with school psychologists individually at a cost per hour. I also can provide follow-up trainings to districts. Both of those can have a financial cost and may or may not meet your immediate needs with the student you are working with. I have spent the hours in the trainings and certification programs so that you can benefit from that knowledge, saving you time and money.

PSW Monthly is only $23/month,

which includes immediate access to all of the current and previous modules, case studies, as well as access to me every month when your questions arise.

what else do you get with PSW Monthly?


Monthly access to a variety of content topics


Access to all previous content modules -- just pick the topic that applies to your case NOW

Start your learning NOW and apply it to the students you are working with TODAY!

If you don’t think that PSW Monthly is right for you after 30 days, I will refund your money. Just reach out to let me know.

Registration is Open!

50% discount off the first two months available for self-payers who choose the monthly payment plan.

a sneak peek of what’s inside…

psw leaders

 PSW Leaders is available on-demand.

Psychologists can sign up at any time and will receive the information over a 5-week period of time. This allows for participants to enter the leadership group at their convenience and at a time most beneficial for their school districts.

PSW Leaders is intended to support school districts in building strong internal capacity surrounding the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Model. I know it would be wonderful to have 1-3 school psychologists in your school district to have increased capacity to:

  • Assist newly hired school psychologists to understand the why, what and how behind PSW.
  • Provide training, as needed, to other IEP team members regarding the PSW model.
  • Support beginning psychologists with the PSW process.
  • Provide leadership and support for more complex assessments.

Many districts want to ensure that their new hires are able to get up and running with regard to utilizing the PSW approach, assessing students comprehensively and writing legally defensible reports. For many districts, there is a need to improve their internal capacity for this type of training and ongoing consultation.

PSW Leaders offers 5 modules, released weekly

The 5 modules will cover:


Module 1

provides an overview of the PSW Leader Training Guide and self-reflection documents to assist you in determining your strengths and areas of need.


Module 2

provides you with a Sample Training Plan and access to PPTs that can be used during initial trainings for new hires.


Module 3

discusses ongoing training topics to consider with access to handouts that can be used during those trainings.


Module 4

will discuss ideas for ongoing fidelity checks and methods for differentiating training for your teams.


Module 5

covers training for other IEP team members and provides you with sample PPTs and handouts that can be used for those trainings.

Your PSW Leader will have access to:

specialized content

related to the Dehn PSW Model OR the Dual Discrepancy/Consistency Approach (aka Cross-Battery).

5 weeks of content

that will be available one week at a time. Previous content can be replayed and reviewed at the psychologist’s convenience. Sessions will be focused on the initial and ongoing training of your psychologists surrounding PSW.

office hours

with me to respond to questions to assist the leader in feeling more secure and confident in their skills.

membership feedback

“Jenny’s PSW leadership training has helped increase my competence in using the PSW approach for identifying SLD. and this, in turn, has helped me embrace being a leader (as in her “trainer of trainers” approach) in the PSW approach in my own district along with two other school psychologists. Even though I have only been learning and practicing the PSW approach for the last three years (as part of the pilot group in my district), I feel well-grounded in my understanding of the approach and am always inspired to continue to learn and grow, thanks to Jenny’s leadership and availability as a trainer.

Jenny is professional, knowledgeable, and resourceful. I have appreciated her expertise, her wisdom, and her example of self-learning through various book clubs she leads and certification courses she participates in. I recommend PSW leadership training courses with Jenny to all psychologists, both new and veteran, who will be inspired leaders of helping meet students’ needs even better.”

Theresa L.

The cost for previous cohorts was $349 for access to me six times in a group format. With the self-paced and on-demand option for PSW Leaders, psychologists have more frequent access to me as well as a plethora of content and resources. Instead of having your psychologist spend hours and hours creating PPTs, handouts and training timelines, these are all provided to the psychologist, saving them valuable time.

The cost of access to PSW Leaders is $200 (a one-time cost) plus the cost of access to PSW Monthly.

Since PSW Monthly is a monthly membership at $23/month, leaders need access to PSW monthly for a minimum of two months (for a total cost of $246 minimally). Many leaders decide to have ongoing access to PSW Monthly for 12 months to ensure they have access to new content released each month. The decision is up to the leader and the district. Please contact me HERE for specific price quotes should the district be financially supporting PSW Leaders.

included bonuses at no additional cost


Sample training materials including copies of my PPT slides and training handouts


Training timelines and sample training plans will also be shared


Access to all of the current content in PSW Monthly


Access to the special series: Basic Psychological Processes which will cover definitions, tool suggestions and more for the basic psychological processes

Your district PSW trainer needs to be spending the time NOW to plan for fall and mid-year hires. Now is the perfect time to sign up for PSW Leaders.

If your psychologist does not feel as though the materials provided to them through PSW leaders gives them the tools that they need, I am happy to refund the money spent.

Registration is Open!

All PSW Leaders must FIRST register for PSW Monthly and be active PSW Monthly members to continue to access the leader content. Click HERE to register for PSW Monthly first.

PSW Leaders is intended for those school psychologists with the following attributes:

  • A minimum of three years working as a school psychologist
  • A minimum of one year of experience working with the PSW model
  • Basic understanding of the use and navigation of the aligned software program (XBASS or PPA)
  • Basic understanding of determining SLD eligibility for special education using the PSW model
  • Attendance at a PSW training led by Jenny Ponzuric and/or completion of the PSW online course for intermediate users created by Jenny Ponzuric
  • The time to devote to the content and building training materials for your district
  • Leadership skills to take on the role of “coach” for others in your district through the PSW implementation

Many school psychologists need some extra support. Graduate students are looking for additional resources.

We all want to show up as our best selves and provide the assistance and support that our students and schools need.

I would love to help you with that! For years, I have supported practicum students, interns, and newer school psychs at the university and school district levels. I would love to help you too!

Imagine having a space where you could ask questions, obtain resources, watch videos on topics that relate to what you are doing:

  • Assessment
  • Report Writing
  • Eligibility
  • Consultation
  • Behavior
  • Counseling
  • Time Management/Organization

We are providing you with that opportunity!


NSP Insiders is a membership site for newer school psychs and graduate students. We also welcome veteran psychs who are lifelong learners. With the membership, you get instant access to a wealth of people that have been exactly where you have been.

You get access to all of these psychologists:

  • Preschool Psych
  • Elementary Psych
  • Middle School Psych
  • High School Pysch
  • Bilingual School Psych
  • School Psych/Behaviorist

Additionally, we have:

  • recorded videos
  • sample report templates
  • sample professional development templates
  • and more!

flexible payment options


Monthly payments of $12/month


$30 every three months (savings of $6 every 3 months)


$54 every 6 months (savings of $18 every 6 months)


$96 every year (savings of $48 every year)

We are so certain that you will love being a part of the community, that we are letting you try out NSP Insiders for 14 days for only $1.

Yep, only $1 and you get 14 days to see if this is right for you.

You can cancel your membership at any time.

Interested to see what we do every month?

Every week we are holding Office Hours. I have a specific topic we will address and then I will open it up to Q&A for any school psych-related questions. Office Hours will be recorded and you can catch the replay.

Additionally each month, we will hold Ask A…Psych. Do you have questions you want to ask our Elementary School Psych? Or our Bilingual School Psych? Jump on our live call and ask your questions. Can’t make it live? No worries, we will upload all of our Ask A…Psych calls. We will also have a special space for you to ask your questions to our Ask A…Psych in our community forum.

keep in touch!

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