Jenny Ponzuric Educational Consulting provides a variety of services to help support SELPAs and districts.

Services are intended to assist groups and individuals with implementation of system-wide changes to support struggling students.

Trainings & Consultation

A variety of training topics can also be access through remote and online formats.

Full-Day & Half-Day Trainings:
Content is created and modified for district/SELPA needs. Reach out to discuss your needs and I will create a proposal for the district.

Helping to Ensure PSW Fidelity with PSW Monthly:
On-demand access to video trainings for beginning and intermediate PSW users. Plus, twice-monthly access to Jenny for office hours and case study walkthroughs!

PSW Leaders:
Improve the internal capacity of your psychologists to train new hires. Five self-paced modules plus additional access to me every month for training questions.

Online Courses:
On-demand and self-paced courses are available on a range of topics to assist school psychologists in expanding their learning. Contact Jenny directly with questions about setting up a purchase order.

Facilitated Online Training Modules:
Creation of online training modules specific to your group’s need that can be facilitated by someone from the district/SELPA to a large group. Remote consultation is available with facilitator(s) before and after the use of the online modules.

Remote Consultation:
Jenny is also able to provide consultation directly with individual psychologists. This can be completed via email, phone, and/or Zoom.

Training Topics

Don’t see a topic? Just ask!


  • Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Model for SLD Identification
  • Dyslexia Assessment and Interventions
  • Attention: SLD and OHI
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
  • Legally Defensible Report Writing
  • Communicating Results in a Parent-Friendly Manner
  • Best Practices when Assessing EL Students
  • Under/over identification of students within specific eligibility categories (helpful for districts that are significantly disproportionate)


  • School Psychologists
  • District and Site Administrators
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • General Education Teachers
  • Special Education Temas

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