Jenny Ponzuric has provided specially designed trainings for over 100 school districts and SELPAs to assist educational professionals in implementing system-wide changes to foster growth and to support struggling students.

Whether you are looking for individual consultation, in-person or virtual group trainings, or pre-recorded trainings that can be used with your teams at your convenience, Jenny Ponzuric is your partner in driving excellence in education.

Trainings & Consultation

A variety of training topics can also be access through remote and online formats.

Full-Day & Half-Day Trainings:
Content is specially created and modified for your district/SELPA needs.

Helping to Ensure PSW Fidelity with PSW Monthly:
On-demand access to video trainings and mini-courses where your team can earn CEUs, along with case study Q&A sessions for beginner and intermediate PSW users. Plus, access to Jenny and her team of experts for office hours where your team can ask questions.

PSW Leaders:
Improve the internal capacity of your psychologists to train new hires. PSW Leaders will receive access to five, self-paced modules plus additional access to Jenny every month for training questions and consultation.

Facilitated Online Training Modules:
Online training modules specific to your groups’ needs that can be facilitated by someone from your district/SELPA to a large group. Remote consultation is available with the facilitator(s) before and after the use of the online module.

Remote Consultation:
Jenny also provides consultation directly with individual school psychologists. This can be completed via email, phone, and/or Zoom.

Training Topics



  • Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Model for SLD Identification 
  • Dyslexia Assessments and Interventions
  • Attention: SLD and OHI
  • Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
  • Legally Defensible Report Writing
  • Communicating Results in a Parent-Friendly Manner
  • Best Practices When Assessing EL Students
  • Under/Over Identification of Students within specific eligibility categories (helpful for districts that are significantly disproportionate) 
  • XBASS Training
  • From Assessment to Present Levels
  • C-LIM Training for Educational Specialists and SLPs
  • Assessments for African American Students
  • ED & OHI
  • From Assessent to Report Writing

      Who are these trainings for?

      • School Psychologists
      • District and Site Administrators
      • Special Education Teachers
      • Speech-Language Pathologists 
      • General Education Teachers
      • Speech and Language Pathologists
      • Occupational Therapists 
      • Other Relevant Service Providers

      Do you have a specific training topic in mind for your team?

      Jenny can tailor each training to your district’s specific needs, ensuring relevance and impact. 

      Jenny’s expertise is backed by a track record of successful transformations in diverse school districts and her strategies are informed by the latest educational and psychological research, promoting cutting-edge practices.

      All of Jenny’s trainings are interactive with hands-on activities to ensure individuals are actively involved in the learning process.

      Don’t See a Training Topic You Want? Just Ask!

      Why Choose Jenny Ponzuric?

      Let’s Hear What Others Are Saying…

      “I have worked with Jenny for many years, and she is the gold standard for educational training.  Beyond Jenny’s extensive content knowledge of neuropsychology, dyslexia, and patterns of strengths and weaknesses models (among other things), she is a fabulous presenter. Jenny has a wonderful ability to break down complex concepts into understandable language. She also has great rapport with her audiences and individuals leave sessions with the ability to implement what they have learned beyond theoretical understanding. This is a powerful experience for administrators when training their staff.”

      Kristin M.
      Interim Executive Director – California Association of School Psychologists

      “Jenny Ponzuric has presented in our county annually for many years as our districts have moved from the discrepancy model of specific learning disability eligibility to the patterns of strengths and weaknesses model. During that time she has also presented on a variety of topics related to dyslexia, student assessment, and report writing. I have personally sat in on several of these trainings and am always impressed by Ms. Ponzuric’s ability to take complicated information and make it not only easy to understand, but enjoyable to learn about! Her manner of presentation is relaxed but professional. The attendees get a real sense of knowing Ms. Ponzuric by the end of the session and often speak about her as a colleague or friend. Every year she receives consistently strong reviews with over 95% of the attendees indicating that they strongly agree that Ms. Ponzuric is responsive, organized, knowledgeable, an effective speaker, and holds the interest of the room. I am looking forward to her return to our county this year, and for years to come!”

      Cara P.

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      hi, i’m jenny ponzuric!

      I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist bringing my background in school psychology, university teaching, and training of special education team members to my business.

      Combining my education, experience, and dedication to students struggling in school, I consult, coach, and train educators that support them.

      Working in the field of school psychology for over 20 years, I expanded my knowledge and expertise in assessment by obtaining my post-graduate certificate in School Neuropsychology.

      Building on individual school site trainings, I also provide district-level and SELPA-level trainings on topics such as the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Model for identification of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), as well as, Multi-Tier System of Supports/Response to Instruction and Intervention (MTSS/RtI²).

      My expertise in learning and training expanded as an administrator in a county-wide teacher support services program that assisted special education teachers in clearing their credentials and obtaining added authorizations. Working collaboratively with a team, I wrote curriculum and trained teachers in areas such as behavior, literacy strategies, and a wide range of IDEA areas of eligibility.

      I have taught at numerous colleges and universities in Southern CA, including Pepperdine University, CSU Northridge, and Moorpark College; most recently, I was an adjunct professor in Phillip’s Graduate University’s School Psychology graduate program.

      I began working full-time in my business in January 2016 to follow my passion for assisting struggling students.

      Have any questions? Use the form below or drop us an email at support@jennyponzuric.com. Our team will happily answer any questions you have within 24 hours.

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