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PSW Monthly is your one-stop resource for everything you need to implement PSW with fidelity and confidence. Get ongoing learning, consultation opportunities, and access to a community of PSW experts.

What if…

  • You could get the help, support, and knowledge to utilize the PSW Model with fidelity and confidence?
  • You could keep up to date with software updates and tips?
  • You could get your PSW-related questions answered?

Well… you can!

The Challenges of Implementing PSW

As an experienced PSW trainer, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges school psychologists face when implementing the PSW model.

Despite comprehensive in-person trainings, many struggle to retain information, grapple with software updates, and find answers to their lingering questions. This can lead to frustration, uncertainty, and ultimately, hinder the effective implementation of PSW.

A Shared Experience

I can relate to these challenges on a personal level. When I first learned PSW,
I was flooded with questions and uncertainties.
Navigating new software updates and seeking clarification from others proved to be a time-consuming and often frustrating experience.

The Solution: PSW Monthly

Recognizing the need for ongoing support and guidance, I created PSW Monthly, a comprehensive resource designed to empower school psychologists to implement PSW with fidelity and confidence. Inspired by my own learning journey, PSW Monthly goes beyond simply teaching the “how” of PSW. It delves into the “why” behind each step, providing a deeper understanding that fosters long-term application and success.

Experience PSW Mastery: Accelerate Your Skills with PSW Monthly

Why you should join today…
PSW Monthly is your all in one solution for mastering the PSW model, whether you’re using DD/C or Dehn’s approach. Gain in-depth knowledge, refine your clinical judgment, and get personalized support from PSW expert Jenny Ponzuric.

Elevate your professional expertise with a monthly content subscription

Jenny Ponzuric PSW Monthly

Expand your knowledge horizons:

Explore a curated collection of content topics tailored to your specific needs and professional goals.


Discover a treasure trove of past modules:

Access an extensive library of previous content modules, always available at your convenience, allowing you to revisit and reinforce key concepts.


Gain real-world insights through case studies:

Delve into in-depth case studies and unravel the strategic thinking behind each decision, empowering you to apply practical insights to your own work.


Shape the future of content:

Your feedback is invaluable. Share your thoughts and influence the direction of upcoming topics, ensuring they align with your needs and address emerging trends.


Connect with your knowledge guide:

Join Jenny Ponzuric for monthly office hours, where your questions will be answered with expert guidance, providing you with personalized support and actionable advice.

Dive into a diverse range of content topics:

Understanding Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) Eligibility:

Explore the nuances of SLD eligibility and gain insights into why a student might not qualify.

Empowering English Language Learners (ELs):

Discover effective strategies for working with EL students, including utilizing the Culture-Language Interpretive Matrix (C-LIM) and navigating the XBASS system.

Mastering Report Writing:

Elevate your report-writing skills with practical tips, templates, and real-world examples.

and much, much, more!

wondering if this will work for you?

what our members are saying about PSW Monthly

“I have gained so much knowledge from watching your videos, the case study calls, but especially being able to read sample reports where I can make sense of it myself. That is always what has made the most sense to me. Seeing an example of what is being talked about. I am like our students that way. I need the visual aid to go along with the verbal and the sample reports and sample wording have helped my brain make the switch from discrepancy model SO much easier.”

Elizabeth – School Psychologist

“I would highly recommend these services to any school psychologist, new or experienced  in the field, using PSW model to determine presence of SLD.”

Manny – School Psychologist

“I attended one of your trainings as a psych intern and knew I still needed more support to make sure I was giving the best PSW evals possible, especially for those tricky cases where the numbers are not on our side. 

I feel like you say things in a way that just makes sense and I think your services would be beneficial to any one in special education.”

Robin – School Psychologist

Enable Positive Student Outcomes with PSW Monthly

Juggling individual consulting, district training, and professional development can be overwhelming. PSW Monthly is your one-stop solution to access a wealth of comprehensive school psychology resources at an affordable monthly cost.

For just $23 per month, you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of resources, including:


  • A curated library of current and previous content modules covering a wide range of school psychology topics
  • In-depth case studies that provide real-world insights and practical strategies
  • Monthly office hours where you can connect with me directly for expert guidance and personalized support

Save Time and Money

PSW Monthly eliminates the need for expensive individual consultations or district trainings. With PSW Monthly, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Invest in Your Professional Growth

PSW Monthly is a cost-effective investment in your professional development. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to make a significant impact on your students’ lives.

Start Your Learning Today

Enroll in PSW Monthly today and start applying your newfound knowledge immediately. If you’re not completely satisfied, you have a full 30 days to request a full refund.

Enroll Today

Starting at $23 a month with discounted prices for quarterly or yearly plans.

Empower your district with flexible PSW Monthly access.

Secure district pay options today!

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