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Explaining Eligibility at an IEP Meeting

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Eligibility | 0 comments

Explaining the Classification of Intellectual Disabilities = Overwhelm

School psychologists play an integral role in explaining eligibility to parents. The weight of this responsibility can feel heavy on a school psych’s shoulders, especially when discussing an intellectual disability with families. Do you find yourself feeling stuck in what to say? Do you struggle to lower your own anxiety so you are able to speak with parents in a clear, yet empathetic way? You are not alone! Let’s take a closer look at some other challenges school psychologists face when explaining the eligibility category of intellectual disability.  

Data Galore

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of data you gather during an assessment? Do you grapple with how to organize various pieces of data to support the eligibility discussions? Rest assured fellow school psych, there are strategies that can be implemented to lessen your own overwhelm while connecting with families in a way that makes them feel safe and open to listening to the information you need to share.

Understand Your Audience

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated when sharing assessment data with families because you are worried you will cause them more confusion?  To make the information useful, how much information and data ought to be shared by school psychs during the eligibility section of the meeting? It seems as though no matter how school psychologists verbalize their assessment results, parents still sometimes struggle to grasp what’s being said and how this information impacts their child. Let’s be honest, the pressure and stress of IEP meetings often land on the school psych. Let’s work together to uncover quick and easy ways to explain eligibility to families and the rest of the IEP team. 

Are you prepared to share difficult information with parents? Do you feel prepared to answer tough questions during IEP meetings? If these are things you struggle with, click the link below to receive exclusive tips, providing tips on how to explain eligibility at an IEP meeting succinctly! 

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