Your Assessment Tool Measures What?

As school psychs, we often collaborate with special education assessors such as speech and language pathologists on a regular basis. Now imagine you receive an SLP’s report and as you glance it over, you realize you have little to no knowledge of what you’re reading! Has this ever happened to you? How can school psychologists possibly synthesize speech and language data into the multidisciplinary report when uncertainty exists around the meaning of the data? Is there a way to feel more comfortable and confident when synthesizing speech and language data or academic data alongside your own findings? Let’s take a close look at some other challenges school psychologists face when connecting results from other assessors with their own findings. 

Synthesizing Data

Picture this scenario; your education specialist or speech and language pathologist e-mails you their portion of the report. Because of your busy schedule, you find yourself copying and pasting it into the final report less than an hour before the IEP meeting starts. You quickly take the summary of their findings and paste it somewhere in your report that makes the most sense. Does this sound familiar? What if there was an effective way to synthesize other assessors’ data with your data? Imagine what it would feel like as a school psych to walk into an IEP with a seamless psychoeducational report that connects the dots.

It’s Time for the IEP Meeting!

You walk into your IEP meeting, report copies in hand. As the meeting begins, you start to feel nervous, maybe even unprepared to discuss your data in a way that is cohesive in nature to the other team members’ data. What if you have to present first? What will you say knowing you don’t fully understand if the SLP’s data is in alignment with your data or whether the occupational therapist found similar data that you did? Let’s be honest, the pressure and stress of an IEP meeting tend to often land on the school psychologist. Let’s work together to uncover quick and easy ways to connect results across assessors. 

Are you ready to walk into an IEP meeting with clarity and confidence that the team is on the same page? Are you ready to produce reports that present findings across assessors in a clear, concise manner? If the answer is yes, click the link below to receive exclusive tips about how to connect results across assessors succinctly!

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