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Organizing Tips for Fall 2023

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I get a lot of questions about organization from interns, students, and seasoned psychologists alike. Now I know some of you are winding down your school year or already relaxing on the beach, but I want to share three of my favorite organization tips with you today! Not ready to think about organization for the fall yet? Remember to save this information and refer back to it as summer ends! If you want to watch a replay of the live recording where I discuss this topic, please click here. 

Paper Packets and Email Templates

Have you ever noticed that school psychs are either super duper busy or super busy? Is there ever a time we aren’t? Take a moment to reflect on this past school year and what would have helped you save time. Here are a few of my favorite things to prepare in advance!

  • Assessment Plan packets, including parents’ Rights and health and development forms
  • Go to counseling resources most often used

Additionally, depending on what email service your district uses, you know you can create email templates for your most commonly sent emails. Setting up email templates in advance is a time saver! Simply click the template you want to use and save yourself the time of writing out the email. Reflect on that email that you had to write out again and again last year, and make a template for it.

Scheduling Reevaluations 

One of the things I think about at the start of each school year is my reevaluations. Since we already know their due date, I find it helpful to meet with my team and schedule every triennial in my calendar for the school year. Working with a new team this year? Ask what works best for them! Starting out the year with meetings mapped out allows me to plan out other important tasks, like when to send out the assessment plan and when to start testing!

Block Out Report Writing Time 

After 20 years in the school psych field, I still find myself procrastinating when it comes to report writing. One strategy I have found useful is to block out time on my calendar for report writing for the entire school year. This helps hold me accountable and cuts down on my overwhelm. This can be done in several ways, so choose which example below works best for you! 

  • Blocking out 3rd period every day
  • Carving out time every Tuesday and Thursday after students leave for the day 
  • Based on the due dates of your evaluations, block out a period of time the week before

Many school psychs have been left feeling overwhelmed and unprepared between distance learning and referral increases. Imagine beginning the new school year feeling prepared to put your best foot forward. 

Summer Boot Camp has a specially designed session just for YOU! Whether you are an intern, first-year psych, or a veteran psychologist, having organizational strategies to implement can certainly set you up for your best school year yet. 

Sign up for our 4th annual Summer Boot Camp TODAY and prepare to be organized! 

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