For many of you, the 2022-2023 school year has already begun! Let’s talk about three additional tips to help kick start your school year and help you become a more prepared school psychologist. We will take a closer look at how school psychs can combat challenging days, effective ways to organize your computer, and how to utilize QR codes for easy access to documents when you don’t have your laptop handy. If you are interested in watching a replay of the live recording where I discussed these topics, please click here

The Power of a Kind Word and How to Set Up Your Computer for Success

We all have those days, right? A colleague was unkind to you, the student you were trying to assess was uncooperative, or maybe you were in a tense IEP meeting that left you feeling depleted. Want a quick pick-me-up to help push through your day?

Whenever I receive a kind e-mail or thank you note from a student, parent, or colleague, I save it somewhere safe. When I struggle to make it through my day or just need a reminder that I am a great school psychologist, I will take a few moments out of my day and read through them. It’s amazing what the power of kind words can do to boost our morale. Give it a try!

I like to ask myself this, “What are some ways I can make life easier for future Jenny?” “What can I do to set myself up for success?” Let’s dive deeper into the world of technology!

  • Use the bookmark bar in your web browser to save frequently visited websites such as scoring software, community resources, guides and handbooks, and IEP software. Think of the time you’ll save having everything in one central location!
  • Reorganize your desktop. Some school psychs have icons all over their screen. Take just 10 minutes to put folders in the trash you no longer use. Remember, if your computer dies or if you’re like me and spill water on your computer, all those desktop icons may be gone forever!

The World of QR Codes

What if we could use QR codes to access things such as passwords, frequently visited websites, and documents? All you have to do is Google “free QR codes” to get started today! Let’s take a closer look at how else QR codes can be used. 

  • Add QR codes to presentations for access to your PowerPoint, contact information, etc. 
  • Access Google forms or observation sheets instantly!
  • Adding QR codes to student desks where passwords can be accessed.
  • An easy way to share your business card with a parent!

The Newer School Psych is now called The Prepared School Psychologist (PSP). The name has changed to focus more on preparing school psychologists to feel more competent as they begin their careers. By implementing these three bonus tips, you are well on your way to becoming a prepared school psychologist

To kick off the new school year, we started the 25 tips in 25 days campaign which began July 25th and will end on August 26th. One new tip is released each day that is specifically designed to help you feel more prepared as you begin your new career. By becoming a Prepared School Psychologist member, you will gain access to the 25 tips plus hundreds of other resources such as test templates, Q&A videos with veteran school psychologists, and opportunities for office hours with Jenny. 

Becoming a member of the Prepared School Psychologist will allow you to join a community of other school psychs for support and access to documents related to our field such as attention, autism, eligibility, executive functioning, social-emotional learning, and much more. Click the link below, begin your journey as a prepared school psychologist, and make this your best school year!