It’s hard to believe Summer Boot Camp 2023 has come and gone! It was two weeks filled with lots of learning and sharing of ideas. For those that were not with us, we kicked things off with an open Q&A session in which participants had the opportunity to ask any school psych questions they desired! Let’s do a quick recap for those who missed it! Here are three questions that were asked during the Q&A session. 

How Can I Connect With Colleagues When School Starts Again?

Connecting with colleagues and administrators at the beginning of a new school year is essential in creating trusting working relationships. Many school districts offer professional development opportunities during that first week back, making it an excellent time to engage with fellow school psychs, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, and other specialists. Also, schedule meetings with your special education team to discuss team goals, strengths, and areas for improvement! 

Kick off that first meeting with some get to know you questions and then check in on what went right last year and what types of things the team wants to improve on for the upcoming year.  Effective communication is crucial for a successful team dynamic. You can use various methods to gather colleague feedback, such as informational discussions or anonymous surveys. Understanding each team member’s expertise and contributions helps foster collaboration and mutual support throughout the school year. 

If I’m a New Psych or Transferring to a New School, How Can I Clarify My Role? 

Whether you’re a new school psych or transitioning to a different school or district, clarifying your role with others at your site and laying the groundwork for expectations is paramount. Be sure to communicate openly with your administrator and ask about specific school initiatives, priorities, and goals for the upcoming school year. Take note of how your strengths and expertise align with these objectives, and let the school leadership team know how you can contribute effectively to the team’s success. The school psych before you may have focused on specific aspects of the position and perhaps you want to expand that or take it in a slightly different direction. Share your thoughts and see what others think.

Any Tips When Transitioning to Using a Different SLD Identification Model?

In some school districts, the shift from the Discrepancy Model to the PSW Model for specific learning disability identification may occur; other districts may be using an RtI model for SLD identification. Embracing a change can feel daunting for school psychs accustomed to a different approach. If you are transitioning to a new model, ask questions and request examples of previous psych reports from experienced colleagues. Gaining a deeper understanding of the new model and seeking guidance from administrators or experienced team members can help ease the transition and ensure accurate evaluations.

Your contributions are instrumental in supporting students, teachers, and the entire school community. By prioritizing open communication, collaboration, and professional growth, you can set a positive tone for the school year and impact the lives of students and their families. 

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