Today, I want to share some insights and reflections from our recent Summer Boot Camp, an event we’ve hosted for the past four years. Summer Boot Camp spanned two weeks in July 2023 and offered daily training sessions for school psychologists. We had a great turnout, with several hundred participants, including students, first-year psychs, and veteran school psychologists! Let’s dive into some key takeaways from Summer Boot Camp. Please click here if you want to watch the recording where I discuss this topic. 

Empowering New School Psychologists  

I received tremendous feedback from our newcomers, especially those starting their careers. Newer school psychs shared how much more prepared they felt to embark on their school psych journey as the new academic year approached. The word “prepared” resonates strongly with me because it’s why I created Summer Boot Camp in the first place. Over the years, I noticed many questions in various school psychology forums during the summer as interns and first-year psychs eagerly sought answers. Our Summer Boot Camp became the platform where they could ask questions and receive guidance. Knowing how many psychs are better equipped for the upcoming school year after engaging in our sessions is rewarding. 

Flexible Learning Opportunities 

While Summer Boot Camp was held, some of you were soaking up the sun and enjoying your summer break with friends and family. And before you knew it, the new school year started, and you were busier than ever! One thing our school psych participants love is the flexibility to access the Summer Boot Camp replays at their leisure. Having the ability to revisit the content repeatedly was a significant advantage and allowed them to reinforce their knowledge and dive deeper into topics of interest. 

A Wealth of Resources

Our presenters delivered an array of valuable resources throughout Summer Boot Camp. The participant feedback highlighted the wealth of information shared during these sessions. Topics ranged from manifestation determinations to best practices for working with English learners, and we even explored tips for FBAs. The knowledge shared enriched the participants and myself as a fellow learner. 

Act Now to Access Replays!

If you missed out on Summer Boot Camp 2023, don’t worry! You still have a chance to access the replays. Simply click the button below for all the details. You can listen to a selection of sessions or grab the whole package, all at different price points. 

Purchasing the replays gives you access until October 31st! Invest in your professional growth and elevate your school psych skills. Be sure to sign up before registration closes in mid-October.