National School Psychology Week

During the week of November 7th -11th 2022, school psychologists throughout the United States celebrated National School Psychology Week to highlight the important work school psychologists do to help all students thrive. As we reflect back on this week, I want to again acknowledge each and every one of you for your dedication to students as well as the abundance of kindness, love, and empathy it takes to make a difference. I haven’t always been acknowledged during school psych week or if my hard work was noticed, it was often lumped together with school counselors during their appreciation week. When I created the Prepared School Psychologist membership site, it was my intention to honor school psychologists year-round by offering them valuable resources that will impact their confidence and ability to be stellar school psychologists! Keep reading to learn more about what the Prepared School Psychologist offers its members! If you are interested in watching a replay of the live recording where I discuss this, please click here.

How to Become a Prepared School Psychologist

The Prepared School Psychologist community was created to help school psychs, just like you, feel more prepared for the many roles they play. As school psychs, having a central location where you can access resources to help answer tough questions that may arise in IEP meetings or connect with other school psychs who have experience and knowledge in areas you may not is so important, not to mention, comforting! Did you know that as a member of the Prepared School Psychologist community you will have access to resources such as test templates, hundreds of hours of Q&A videos with veteran school psychologists, and opportunities for live Q&A time?

Access to Resources

Are you interested in lessening the daily stressors you face as a school psych? By becoming a member of the Prepared School Psychologist community, you will have access to resources such as 25 tips from seasoned school psychologists that you can use immediately in your practice to help you feel more prepared in the areas of time management, organization, boundaries, and much more! Are you ready to share evaluation results with families in a clear, concise manner? Are you ready to learn more about how to conduct a thorough autism and emotional disturbance assessment? These are just some of the hundreds of resources you can access as a member to help boost your confidence and make the most of each day! I want to help each one of you thrive in your practice, and I believe wholeheartedly the Prepared School Psychologist community is a step in making that happen!

I want to celebrate school psych week and the wonderful school psychologist that you are in a special way this year! My gift to you all is 2 weeks of FREE access to my Prepared School Psychologist community! Join our community of learners, connect with other school psychologists, and access the hundreds of resources available to you! Celebrate yourself and the positive impact you are having on so many children and their families. Hurry and sign up because this gift is only valid until November 30th!