• What if…you were able to get the help, support, and knowledge to utilize the PSW Model with fidelity and confidence?

  • What if…you were able to keep up to date with software updates and tips?

  • What if…you could get your PSW-related questions answered?

Well…you can!

During my in-person trainings, school psychologists often state that everything makes sense…when I am standing there.

But, then I leave and someone forgets a step.

I leave and someone has a question that they didn’t think of when I was there.

Some school psychologists wonder when I might be back for a follow-up training.

I have been training on the PSW model for about as long as I have been using the model myself.  When I was first learning PSW, I had a million questions.  How do you do this?  When do you do that?  Am I doing this correctly?

I struggled when new versions of software programs came out.  I remember watching videos on my iPad while using the software program on my computer.  I would listen to the video, try it on my own, and then rewatch the video to make sure I was doing it right.

During initial and follow-up trainings, I realized that there were questions that were asked again and again.  I had those same questions.

How did I solve this problem?  I dove in 100% into PSW.  I took the certification programs.  I read the books.  I watched the videos.

The best way to know you understand something is to teach it to someone else.  I have done that.  Over and over again.

What have I learned?  The how of the steps and the programs is important.  But, the real learning lies in the “why.”


PSW Monthly helps to answer the “why.”

What is PSW Monthly?

PSW Monthly is a monthly offering of content, case studies, and Q&A all about PSW.  Whether you are utilizing the DD/C or Dehn’s PSW model, this information will be helpful for you.

Every month, you will receive:

  • Video content monthly from me about a variety of common questions and topics surrounding PSW including non-cohesive and non-unitary scores, report writing, and assessing EL student.
  • A step-by-step walkthrough with a different case study each month, highlighting common software questions and clinical judgment. Join this walkthrough live and ask questions.  Or, if you cannot attend live, all case study walkthroughs will be recorded for you to access anytime.
  • Access to me through office hours. Each month I will be available for you to ask me your particular questions about PSW and SLD.  As long as you keep confidentiality in mind, I am happy to respond to your questions.

Why should I join PSW Monthly?

  • Monthly access to a variety of content topics
  • Access to all previous content modules – just pick the topic that applies to your case NOW
  • The monthly walkthroughs of case studies allows you to hear my “why” just as much as the “how”
  • The content is built on your needs.  Frequent input is requested to ensure that upcoming topics answer your questions
  • Your questions get answered.  Join me during monthly office hours or submit a question anytime!

Our content topics include:

I work with school psychologists individually at a cost per hour.  I also can provide follow-up trainings to districts.  Both of those can have a financial cost and may or may not meet your immediate needs with the student you are working with.  I have spent the hours in the trainings and certification programs so that you can benefit from that knowledge, saving you time and money.

PSW Monthly is only $23/month, which includes immediate access to all of the current and previous modules, case studies, as well as access to me every month when your questions arise.

What else do you get with PSW Monthly?

  • Each module also provides you with 1.5 hours of CEU for those with your NCSP and LEP (CA only).  This is provided at no additional charge. ($20/month value)
  •  All PSW Monthly members will also obtain FREE access to my Special Series:  Basic Psychological Processes.  This special series launched in August 2020 and discusses eight of the basic psychological processes with definitions, assessment best practices, and strategies for students who struggle in that area ($99 value)

If you don’t think that PSW Monthly is right for you after 30 days, I will refund your money.  Just reach out to let me know.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to join. 

Start your learning NOW and apply it to the students you are working with TODAY!

The first video reviews why I created PSW Monthly and the second provides you with a walkthrough of the membership website.  To enlarge either video, click on the button on the video to make it full screen.