Every district should have someone who can train new hires.

Join us in psw leaders!

Psychologists can sign up at any time and will receive the information over a 5-week period of time. This allows for participants to enter the leadership group at their convenience and at a time most beneficial for their school districts.

PSW Leaders is intended to support school districts in building strong internal capacity surrounding the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Model.

I know it would be wonderful to have 1-3 school psychologists in your school district to have increased capacity to:


Assist newly hired school psychologists to understand the why, what and how behind PSW.


Provide training, as needed, to other IEP team members regarding the PSW model.


Support beginning psychologists with the PSW process.


Provide leadership and support for more complex assessments.

Many districts want to ensure that their new hires are able to get up and running with regard to utilizing the PSW approach, assessing students comprehensively and writing legally defensible reports. For many districts, there is a need to improve their internal capacity for this type of training and ongoing consultation.

PSW Leaders offers 5 modules, released weekly


1: Overview

An overview of the PSW Leader Training Guide and self-reflection documents to assist you in determining your strengths and areas of need.


2: Training Plan

Sample Training Plan and access to PPTs that can be used during initial trainings for new hires.


3: Training Topics

Ongoing training topics to consider with access to handouts that can be used during those trainings.


4: Fidelity Checks

Ideas for ongoing fidelity checks and methods for differentiating training for your teams.


5: Training IEP Team Members

Covers training for other IEP team members and provides you with sample PPTs and handouts that can be used for those trainings.

Your PSW Leader will have access to:

specialized content

related to the Dehn PSW Model OR the Dual Discrepancy/Consistency Approach (aka Cross-Battery).

5 weeks of content

that will be available one week at a time. Previous content can be replayed and reviewed at the psychologist’s convenience. Sessions will be focused on the initial and ongoing training of your psychologists surrounding PSW.

monthly office hours

with me to respond to questions to assist the leader in feeling more secure and confident in their skills.

membership feedback

“Jenny’s PSW leadership training has helped increase my competence in using the PSW approach for identifying SLD. and this, in turn, has helped me embrace being a leader (as in her “trainer of trainers” approach) in the PSW approach in my own district along with two other school psychologists. Even though I have only been learning and practicing the PSW approach for the last three years (as part of the pilot group in my district), I feel well-grounded in my understanding of the approach and am always inspired to continue to learn and grow, thanks to Jenny’s leadership and availability as a trainer.

Jenny is professional, knowledgeable, and resourceful. I have appreciated her expertise, her wisdom, and her example of self-learning through various book clubs she leads and certification courses she participates in. I recommend PSW leadership training courses with Jenny to all psychologists, both new and veteran, who will be inspired leaders of helping meet students’ needs even better.”

Theresa L.

PSW Leaders is intended for those school psychologists with the following attributes:

  • The time to devote to the content and building training materials for your district
  • Leadership skills to take on the role of “coach” for others in your district through the PSW implementation
  • A minimum of three years working as a school psychologist
  • A minimum of one year of experience working with the PSW model
  • Basic understanding of the use and navigation of the aligned software program (XBASS or PPA)
  • Basic understanding of determining SLD eligibility for special education using the PSW model

Your district PSW trainer needs to be spending the time NOW to plan for fall and mid-year hires.

Now is the perfect time to sign up for PSW Leaders.

If your psychologist does not feel as though the materials provided to them through PSW leaders gives them the tools that they need, I am happy to refund the money spent.

hi, i’m jenny ponzuric!

I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist bringing my background in school psychology, university teaching, and training of special education team members to my business.

Combining my education, experience, and dedication to students struggling in school, I consult, coach, and train educators who support them.

Working in the field of school psychology for over 20 years, I expanded my knowledge and expertise in assessment by obtaining my post-graduate certificate in School Neuropsychology.
Building on individual school site trainings, I also provide district-level and SELPA-level trainings on topics such as the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Model for identification of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), as well as, Multi-Tier System of Supports/Response to Instruction and Intervention (MTSS/RtI²).

My expertise in learning and training expanded as an administrator in a county-wide teacher support services program that assisted special education teachers in clearing their credentials and obtaining added authorizations. Working collaboratively with a team, I wrote curriculum and trained teachers in areas such as behavior, literacy strategies, and a wide range of IDEA areas of eligibility.

I have taught at numerous colleges and universities in Southern CA, including Pepperdine University, CSU Northridge, and Moorpark College; most recently, I was an adjunct professor in Phillip’s Graduate University’s School Psychology graduate program.

I began working full-time in my business in January 2016 to follow my passion for assisting struggling students and impacting the systems by providing professional development and consultation services to school districts.

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