When parents or teachers mention the word Dyscalculia, it’s essential to grasp their specific concerns. Unlike Dyslexia, which has well-defined guidelines in many states, Dyscalculia’s definition varies. School psychologists must first clarify what the term means to the individual raising the question to respond effectively. Join me today as I share tips specially designed for school psychologists to help them navigate Dyscalculia evaluations. Please click here if you want to watch the replay where I discussed this topic. 

Clarify Definitions

Before responding to a Dyscalculia evaluation request, the first step is to determine if your state or school district has a specific definition for Dyscalculia. When school psychs understand the terminology, it ensures a clear and consistent approach to evaluating students with difficulties in math. If you cannot find this information, please get in touch with your special education director for clarification.

Comprehensive Evaluation

When assessing students for math disabilities, a thorough evaluation is crucial. This includes examining all areas of math, including math calculation skills, fluency with math facts, and problem-solving abilities. Gathering data from various sources, such as classroom teachers, report cards, classroom observations, and work samples, can help provide a comprehensive view of a student’s math proficiency.

Consider Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills are significant in math success, particularly as students mature and progress through grade levels. Exploring executive functioning skills through assessment batteries or rating scales can offer valuable insights into the root causes of math difficulties.

Incorporating these key takeaways into Dyscalculia evaluations can help ensure a well-rounded and practical approach. School psychs can better support students struggling with math by clarifying definitions, conducting comprehensive assessments, and considering executive functioning skills. Remember, a clear understanding of Dyscalculia empowers psychs to help provide targeted interventions and classroom accommodations for struggling students. 

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