Welcome to our exploration of progress monitoring in school psychology! Let’s delve into the important aspects of understanding, implementing, and refining progress monitoring techniques. Join us as we uncover the why, how, and what of progress monitoring, emphasizing its significance in academic, mental health, and overall student development.

Legal Obligations and Goal Attainment

Understanding the legal obligations surrounding progress monitoring is paramount. School psychologists play a vital role in crafting annual measurable goals for students, including academic achievements and functional and emotional well-being. School psychs need to take the lead and emphasize the importance of individualized goals and the need for ongoing progress assessments to ensure students are making progress.

Three Pillars of Effective Progress Monitoring for Counseling

There are three core domains for progress monitoring in counseling: symptoms related to the disability, general well-being, and overall functioning. A good rule of thumb is to include these three domains in your counseling notes and write down this information after each session so no key details are missed. Progress monitoring is considered a cyclical process, emphasizing the continuous nature of collecting data, analyzing it, and making informed decisions. Collaboration, assessment continuity, and consistency in data collection methods are key ingredients for successful progress monitoring.

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