Executive functioning is a topic close to my heart, and I’m excited to share insights gleaned from fellow school psychologists in the field. If you didn’t get to see my recent chat with Dr. Amy Merenda on the socials, check out some takeaways below. If you want to hear the conversation, click HERE.

Planning and Organization Skills

Dr. Amy Merenda and her colleague surveyed school psychologists across diverse backgrounds and experience levels and asked which executive functioning skill(s) school psychs relied on most often to do their job. Two skills consistently rose to the top: planning and organization. Regardless of experience, nearly every respondent emphasized the critical role of organization and planning in their daily practice. From managing caseloads to writing numerous reports, school psychologists rely on planning strategies to navigate the complexities of their roles. 

Executive Functioning Touches Every Aspect of Practice

The survey also revealed that executive functioning is a part of every facet of our profession. Each component is vital to every school psychologist, from organization and time management to metacognition. The survey findings were a powerful reminder that no aspect of executive functioning can be overlooked. School psychologists at all stages of their careers shared that they have strengths and weaknesses in various executive functioning components. Recognizing this shared experience fosters a sense of community and encourages ongoing self-reflection and professional development.

As Amy and I reflect on our executive functioning journey, we’re reminded of its dynamic nature. Just as the conductor guides the symphony, executive functioning orchestrates the interplay of cognitive processes essential for student success. By embracing a proactive approach to understanding our executive functioning abilities, we empower ourselves to better serve the diverse needs of our school communities. Together, let’s continue the conversation, sharing insights and strategies that elevate our practice and enrich the lives of those we support.

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