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How Parent-Friendly Are Your Present Levels?

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Crafting effective Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that genuinely benefit our students can be challenging. Whether you’re wrapping up your IEPs for the year or gearing up for the next school year, check out the tip below for improving your present levels description.

Meaningful Present Levels of Performance

One of the foundational elements of an IEP is the Present Levels of Performance (PLOP). This section sets the stage for all subsequent goal-setting and service decisions. A common challenge many school psychs face is their uncertainty about what to include in this section. Do I reiterate what I found with the BASC or is there something else I should be sharing?

The primary purpose of the PLOP is to provide a clear baseline from which to measure progress. This means including detailed information that can directly inform goal development. Instead of simply copying and pasting from assessment reports, think about how the data can illustrate the student’s current abilities and needs. Would someone be able to write a goal based on what you write in the student’s present levels for social/emotional and behavioral functioning?

Need Some Help?

Guess what?  I am hosting a session during Summer Boot Camp that will provide practical strategies to write more meaningful and practical present levels.  The tips will be helpful for you and you may even want to share them in the fall with your team members.

Summer Boot Camp is designed specifically for YOU! I understand the unique challenges you face, and my goal is to help you hit the ground running when school starts again.

  • Craft Clear, Impactful IEPs: Learn practical strategies for writing strong PLOPs, developing measurable goals, and collaborating effectively with teams.
  • Master IEP Meetings: Discover how to “Share Scores Succinctly,” answer tough questions with confidence, and “Connect the Dots” between assessments and educational benefit.
  • Streamline Your Work: Gain access to over 30 downloadable resources (including “5 Tips for Exclusionary Factors” and “First Week Back Toolkit”), absolutely FREE if you register before May 31st!

But wait, there’s more!

Summer Boot Camp offers:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced school psychologists, like Dr. Amy Merenda, who will delve into executive functioning evaluation.. ‍
  • Practical Strategies: No theoretical fluff here! We focus on actionable steps you can implement right away.
  • Flexible Learning: Choose from live and on-demand sessions to fit your summer schedule.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded colleagues and build a network of support before the school year starts.

Invest in Your Future Success!

Summer Boot Camp can equip you with the skills and resources you need to feel confident and prepared for the upcoming year.

Register by May 31st to secure your FREE resources and level up your IEP skills!

P.S. Still have questions? We’ve got you covered! Hit reply to this email!

See you there!

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