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Do You Need Better Boundaries?

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Working Outside Your Regular Hours

Setting boundaries can be difficult to follow as a school psych, especially when our workloads are high and we want to help children. Are you one of the many psychs that take work home with them? Are you spending evenings and weekends finishing reports? Are there steps school psychs can take to free up additional time throughout their day? Let’s take a closer look at some other challenges school psychs may face when setting appropriate boundaries.

Late Night Messages

Have you ever received a text message from someone on your assessment team after work hours? I know I have! And the majority of us not only look at the message but respond to it. Is it necessary though to respond? After all, your day at work ended hours ago! You may be asking yourself, but what if there is an emergency? What will my colleagues think if I don’t respond? Am I still a dependable colleague if I choose to enjoy time with my family instead?


Have you promised a parent you would send them the report the day before the meeting but are still waiting on another team member to share their results with you? It’s almost 4 p.m. and you are about to leave work for the day. What do you do? Do you call the parents and tell them you won’t have the report ready? Do you contact your colleague? Does everyone on the team share responsibilities, or does it fall on your shoulders?

Setting boundaries with our colleagues may feel intimidating and can even invoke feelings of anxiety. Are you ready to review some ways to set appropriate boundaries in the workplace and with colleagues in order to maintain a healthy work/life balance?  Fill out the form below to access 4 exclusive tips for setting boundaries that you can implement into your practice today! Take the next step in becoming a more prepared school psychologist! 

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