Summer Boot Camp 2022

Opportunities for Support and Professional Learning for School Psychologists
July 11- 22, 2022

You’re a veteran school psychologist and you need a Deep Dive into specific topics to enhance your practice.

Learning new strategies and resources would not only improve your practice but also give you momentum at this stage in your career.

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you’re invited…

to Summer Boot Camp 2022!

Summer Boot Camp is a two-week program, custom-designed to provide resources, learning opportunities, and professional development for school psychologists.

The purpose of Summer Boot Camp is to help veteran school psychologists:

take a deep dive into topics to enhance their practice
learn micro-skills
have immediate support, community, and mentorship

Each day of Summer Boot Camp focuses on a unique topic to give you implementable strategies and resources, bring clarity to your day-to-day practices, and provide ongoing support.

If you’re an NSP Insiders or PSW Monthly member, check your email for 50% off Summer Boot Camp registration.

the difference

Summer Boot Camp is not your average program for school psychs!

You get to eliminate the guesswork in honing your skills and improving your practices, all while having access to expert guidance and support along the way.

No matter your vision for the future, you’re certainly going to need support, accountability, and easily implementable resources to bring it to fruition.

the results

This program will help you become a prepared school psychologist!

Check out what some of our previous participants have said!

“Jenny’s information and resources are so valuable. I would highly recommend her services to any school psychologist, new or experienced.”  


“Jenny explains things in a way that just makes sense. Her services would benefit anyone in special education. I have even recommended some of the Summer Boot Camp tips to friends who mentioned that they were struggling with task avoidance!” 


So how does this all work?

Here’s what Summer Boot Camp will look like:


Dyslexia Training


Neurodiversity Training


Autism & Emotional Disturbance Training


LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Training


Professional resources

Plus, you’ll get these BONUSES:

Free access to my signature Time Optimization video series
(when you sign up by May 15th)

Free access to the Dealing with Overwhelm video
(when you sign up by June 24th)

Free video series on Improving your Leadership Skills
(when you sign up for any deep-dive)

If you’re an NSP Insiders or PSW Monthly member, check your email for 50% off Summer Boot Camp registration.

Dyslexia and Your Psychoeducational Report

Join Jenny Ponzuric for a 4-hour discussion over two days. Participants will review the definition of dyslexia from the International Dyslexia Association, which is used in many states. Resources will be shared on responding to questions about dyslexia during IEP meetings and discussing dyslexia within your psychoeducational report.

Using a Neurodiversity Affirming Lens as a School Psychologist with Amy Merenda

During this 4-hour training over two days, Amy Merenda will discuss neurodiversity and how and why it is essential to promote throughout all facets of education. School psychologists will leave this presentation with the background and understanding of how to apply a neurodiversity affirming lens throughout the entire assessment process. Participants are encouraged to utilize an open mindset and self-reflection throughout this presentation to ensure respect, value, and opportunity are given to uplift Autistic voices and perspectives.

Autism and Emotional Disturbance with Zack Maupin

During this 2-hour training, participants will have an opportunity to review the overlapping criteria between Autism and Emotional Disturbance and discuss ways to differentiate between the two. Lastly, the group will discuss when it may be appropriate to discuss both eligibilities for the same student.

Building LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Into your Practice

In this 2-hour workshop, participants will have an opportunity to discuss supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth as it is critical to improving student outcomes. Together we will explore biases, navigate resources, and build your toolbox to fill in the gaps and ensure your schools, services and organizations are welcoming, supportive, and inclusive for some of our most vulnerable youth.


$77 (per deep-dive)
$297 (for all four)


Who is this for?

School psychs who have been working more than 5 years as of Fall 2022

What do I get?

  • Your choice of Deep Dive Sessions (4 available) (or bundle all 4 for a reduced price)
  • PLUS 10 sessions from the New Hire level
  • AND 10 sessions from the Improving my Practices level

hi, i’m jenny ponzuric!

As a Licensed Educational Psychologist for the past 20 years, I’m passionate about the field of school psychology and love training and mentoring new school psychs.

My combined background in school psychology, university teaching, and training of special education team members allows me to consult and coach educators that support struggling learners.

I enjoy bringing together experts to explore how we can better serve our students and allow for more resources and training for new hires and established school psychs.

is this for me?

Who is Summer Boot Camp for?

You need support with enhancing your practices. You’ve reached a point where you’re ready to grow in your career and make a bigger impact on the students and families you serve.

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Summer Boot Camp is a good fit for you if you’re a veteran school psychologist and…

you want to enhance your practices
you need a deep-dive on specific topics
you want to be part of a community that will support you in reaching your career goals

If you’re an NSP Insiders or PSW Monthly member, check your email for 50% off Summer Boot Camp registration.

why now?

So, why should you sign up for Summer Boot Camp right now?

The number one reason?

During the weeks of July 11-22, you are in a space where you can take in professional learning as you rest from spring 2022 and ready yourself for fall 2022.

Deciding what’s next has many moving pieces. Oftentimes, you don’t want to spend money that you’re not yet making. So you go to Google, get confused, and start from scratch over and over again.

Or you try to search for resources in your school or district and instead feel like you’re constantly looking for the missing link in getting your questions answered to improve your practices.

With Summer Boot Camp, not only are you getting a team of experts to guide you, but you’re also stepping into a community of like-minded, growth-oriented, professionals who also want you to be successful.

you’ve got questions

I’ve got answers!


How is each experience level different?

Each experience level is based on where you are in your career. The content was designed to support you at your level.

How much time will I need to commit to learning?

Content will be provided in a video-on-demand format. You will have access to all replays until October 31, 2022.


Can I receive CEUs for attending?

CEUs for LEPs (CA only) and NCSPs can be obtained for those attending the paid Deep-Dive sessions.

Can I cancel or get a refund?

All sales are final.

Get support for the 2022 school year!

Dyslexia and Your Psychoeducational Report

Investment: $77

Using a Neurodiversity Affirming Lens as a School Psychologist with Amy Merenda

Investment: $77

Autism and Emotional Disturbance with Zack Maupin

Investment: $77

Building LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Into your Practice

Investment: $77

If you’re an NSP Insiders or PSW Monthly member, check your email for 50% off Summer Boot Camp registration.

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