Shouldn’t I Know All the Answers? After all, I am the School Psychologist!

A frequent thought that enters every school psychologist’s mind may sound like this, “I should have a correct answer to every question asked of me, right?” Sound familiar? The field of school psychology is challenging because it has many moving parts and while one answer may apply to a situation, it may not work for the next one. Let’s talk about how our problem-solving skills can better prepare us to be competent school psychologists. If you are interested in watching a replay of the live recording where I discuss these topics, please click here.

The Problem Solving Approach 

In the world of school psychology, we need to have a problem-solving approach when responding to questions asked to us. A problem-solving approach can help us look at the information and decide the most appropriate way to respond. Let’s consider the following points! 

  • Do I have all the information needed to answer this question?
  • Am I missing any data that would make it difficult for me to respond to this question accurately?
  • Is someone else better equipped to answer this question? Remember the student’s teacher or case manager is a wealth of knowledge! 

I used the Problem-Solving Approach and I Still Don’t Know the Answer! Now What?

The first thing to remember is that even school psychologists with decades of experience don’t know all the answers. Be patient with yourself as you navigate the complex world of school psychology and follow these quick tips to help you feel more prepared. 

  • If you simply don’t know the answer, let them know you would like to research the topic further and that you will get back to them within a day. The key to this strategy is following through with your promise to continue to build a trusting relationship.
  • Ask a colleague, administrator, or your special education director for guidance. 
  • Look to see if you have any guides or handbooks that you can reference.
  • Use your clinical judgment. There may be times when there is no definitive answer (e.g. a parent wants to know if adding a specialized academic English course will help their child eventually read at grade level.)

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