Private School Evaluations

School psychologists are asked to evaluate students for special education who attend private schools, and this situation can require different approaches than the typical evaluations we conduct through the public school system. Since we are not always permanently assigned to private schools, we often question important logistical factors, including how we access school records or how we set up observations of the student in his or her classroom. Let’s take a closer look at some other challenges school psychs may face when assessing private school students. 

Rating Scales and Testing 

You may discover that teachers in the private school setting are not used to completing rating scales or may not understand how to complete the forms. Are there any strategies school psychs can use to eliminate obstacles for teachers and receive rating scales in a timely manner? Many psychs also wonder where the testing process takes place. Does the school psych go to the student’s school? Is it best to schedule an appointment with the parent to bring the student to your office after school hours? 

Private School Procedures Related to Special Education

School psychologists may also need to understand the guidelines for how private school students access special education. Are there differences between special education services in public school settings versus private school settings for your state or district? If so, how would school psychs best explain this information to parents and teachers? These are only a few of the logistics that must be sorted out to complete a thorough evaluation!

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